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^^; Well looks like I have one member so I decided to make some changes. Currently the following story is not of FF.N but will be as soon as I finish it's last chapter. Under cut because VERRRY long.

Sweet: tender kisses in the dark. 
Allure: What may come with those kisses from a creature that lives in that darkness. Malik/Anzu 






      Anzu sighed to herself as she finally stepped outside the front door to the school.


She’d been asked to stay late and help decorate for the seniors dance since one of her friends were on the decoration committee, but she didn’t know how late.


It was dark out now and a glance at her watch told her just how late it was.


‘Nine twenty five, great and I’ve got to get up at five tomorrow. I won’t get home ‘till ten fifteen and I’ve still got a bunch of stuff to do before I go to bed. I wish those girls would have told me they wanted me that long.’


With another sigh she shoved her bag over her shoulder and began walking home.


It wasn’t long before she realized she had another shadow and quickened her pace.


The stranger caught up though and she screamed as he touched her shoulder.


She flung around, heart pounding.


“Calm down Anzu. I just wanted to say hi. Sorry I scared you.”


She found herself caught in the violet eyes and smiled.


“Malik? What are you doing here?”


He smiled back at her and wrapped his arm around her waist.


“I came back for a while. I’m leaving tomorrow though. Listen, I know this is sudden but…there’s a club that just opened a few weeks ago and I kinda wanted to go with someone for a change.”


She started to tell him about her schedule and how it was already getting way too late when he caught the look on her face and looked away, awkwardly shoving his hand in his pocket.


“Sorry, guess I shouldn’t have asked. It’s late and you probably have school tomorrow.”


She smiled suddenly.


“Yeah but…I guess I could spare a few hours, I’ve pulled all-nighters before.”


He gave a sigh of relief and smiled.


“Thanks Anzu. I really need some company right now.”


She nodded slightly.


“It’ll be nice to get out for a while. I just need to change, so what kind of club is this?”


He smirked.


“Take a good look at me.”


Black leather pants with a long-sleeve black fishnet shirt and an ankh pendant.


She smiled and nodded.


“ I know just the thing, follow me.”







     Anzu and Malik walked into a pulsating darkness with trancelike music.


He placed his arm around her waist and pulled her into another room where it was slightly more relaxed…and darker.


She was almost scared and at the same time thrilled.


Her heart raced at an odd speed and she found herself holding her breath when he brushed his fingers over her neck.


He trailed one finger down her neck and traced her shoulder.


He softly pulled her closer and she closed her eyes and shivered as he whispered to her.


“Let me guide you.”


She started to speak but he placed a finger over her lips.


“Shh…don’t speak, just dance with me.”


He took her hand and she slid her arm around his neck as he held her around the waist.


She dared not open her eyes; this magic was too real to give up.


She leaned her head on his shoulder as he led her into a dance that hypnotized her.


She barely felt a thing as they swayed slowly to the violins.


Soon she couldn’t feel the floor and he teased her lips with feathery kisses.


His lips slowly moved behind her ear and trailed down until she stopped him at the neck.


“Don’t kiss me like that.”


She looked into his eyes and he smiled.


“What are you afraid of? I’m only teasing you. Don’t you like it?”


She looked away.


“I don’t know but…it’s not right to play with me. If you like me say so, I’m not just another girl.”


He turned her face back to him and leaned so close that his lips nearly touched hers.


“I like you Anzu…more than just a friend. In fact that’s why I’m here. I think I love you.”


He didn’t give her time to answer and covered her lips tightly with his.


This kiss was deeper than any she had had before and it took her breath away with its tenderness and passion.


He seemed to lift her as he slid his lips over her flushed cheeks and warm neck, where he gave many soft kisses.


Her skin tingled where his lips met her and a barely audible moan escaped her lips as she felt the room begin to spin.


Before she had time to react there was a blistering pain in her neck, followed by fiery ecstasy throughout her body and her breath caught in her throat.


Breathing heavily, she opened her eyes as much as she could and found his seductive smile, a trickle of blood on the corner of his mouth.


Suddenly the horror of what had just happened hit her and the room went dark.








       Her eyes slowly opened to find him still with her.


He still had her hand but now she found herself lying on a couch.


It was dark in the room, spare what light the full moon had to offer through tinted windows.


He smiled softly and brushed her bangs away from her eyes.


She tried to sit up but he shook his head and gently pushed her back down.


Her voice was weak and she spoke softly.


“Where am I?”


He looked slightly concerned.


“I brought you back to my apartment.”


She glanced around and then into his eyes.


His face was clean now and touching her neck showed no signs of a wound.


“When did we come here?”


He brushed his fingers lightly over her cheek.


“A while ago…you fainted while we were dancing.”


She felt dizzy again suddenly and closed her eyes.


“I don’t understand…why do I feel so light headed?”


He now looked worried and placed the back of his hand to her forehead.


“You feel warm, I think you should stay here tonight.”


She nodded, feeling much too tired to argue.


He left the room for a moment and returned with a blanket and covered her, sitting beside her again.


“Listen, I’m not going to be home tomorrow, I have to return my plane tickets, but if you need anything before dawn, just ask me. I’ll be right here watching over you.”


She nodded and closed her eyes, letting out a deep breath and was soothed to sleep by the sound of his gentle breathing.


As she drifted into a dreamless sleep she heard him whisper softly in her ear.


“I still think I love you.”                                                       








       Her eyes snapped open suddenly and she sat up, the blanket falling to her waist.


Sunlight washed the entire room but she found no trace of her companion and flashes of the night made her wonder if it was all a horrible dream.


Standing, she found a neatly written note laying on the coffee table.


She picked it up and read it to herself.


‘Anzu…a few other things have come up and I won’t be back until late tonight. There’s eggs and milk in the refrigerator and the shower is in my room. If you’ll wait for me we’ll have dinner together. If not, please leave your number, or call me. Malik’


She smiled softly and set it back on the table.


Walking into his room she began to look around.


A half packed suitcase lay across the bed and several armbands lay on the dresser across from it.


She had decided to take a quick shower and it was upon looking for a towel that she came across an old box in one of the drawers.


It was pressed metal with a wood lining on the inside.


She puzzled at the contents, a single silver bullet and a handgun.


Closing the box she quickly replaced it and turned the water on.


She stepped under the warm water and closed her eyes, as her hair was drenched.


She began to carefully think back over the night, starting from when she left school and working her way up to the strange encounter.


Yet she could not pin point the exact moment she had lost consciousness, or the reason for that matter.


She took a deep breath, trying to sort out her confusion when suddenly she felt two strong hands grip her shoulders.


She screamed and swung around to be face to face with…no one at all.


There wasn’t even enough room between her and the wall for there to be someone there in the first place.


She sighed and turned off the water…she needed more sleep.







  She woke again shortly after dark to find him again at her side.


Why did she still feel tired?


She sat up, finding the blanket wrapped around her again and looked into his eyes.


“Malik…did you come back today at all?”


He shook his head.


“No, I just walked in the door actually, why?”


She looked down and shook her head.


“I just thought I heard someone, that’s all.”


He smiled, tipping her chin up with a soft touch.


“That’s impossible, I’m the only one who lives here and I have a deadbolt on the door. I’m glad you stayed, would you like to go to dinner?”


She nodded, but didn’t smile and he sighed.


“I suppose you want to know what happened last night.”


She nodded.


“It’s not like me.”


He looked away.


“I’m afraid it was my fault.”


She looked at him strangely.


“What do you mean?”


He spoke quietly.


“I came on too strong, I shouldn’t have been kissing you that way, it was wrong. I’m sorry.”


She stared at him for a moment before standing.


“If your kisses made me faint than I’ll have to thank you.”


He smiled softly and stood as well.


“Than you did like it?”


She gave a smirk and wrapped her arms around his neck.


“ If you can show me a girl that doesn’t like to be kissed like that, I’ll be shocked.”


She looked away, loosening her grip on him.


“I just don’t like to be taken advantage of. I need your answer right now Malik…”


He stopped her.


“I told you last night Anzu…you’re more than just a friend, I’m staying here because of you. Now let’s go have dinner before it gets too late.”


She smiled and nodded as they walked out, arm in arm.







     When they came back late that night, Malik turned on a soft cd and they began to dance in the dark living room.


He held her closely and kissed her softly, once again laying feathery kisses on her neck.


She gasped and stepped back.


He looked concerned and held his hand out to her.


“What’s wrong?”


She felt dizzy when he took her hand and looked into her eyes.


“ I’m sorry, it’s just that dream…I know it isn’t real but…”


He smirked a little at her statement.


“I don’t know what you dreamed about, but I promise you this is real and I did kiss you this way last night. I’ll take you home if you like.”


She shook her head.


“Just…don’t kiss my neck tonight please.”


He nodded with a soft smile and opened his arms to her.


They continued dancing for a while until she felt tired again.


They sat on the couch together and he held her as they watched the stars.


She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.


For a moment she was very tired.


So tired that she couldn’t force herself to fight the new set of dizzying kisses to her neck.


They became more passionate as he slowly and gently lowered her to her back.


He gently held her hands at her sides and leaned over her, switching back to her lips.


Her mind raced faster than her heart but she had neither the will nor the strength to speak and grew weaker with every breathtaking kiss.


His kisses to her neck became frighteningly passionate until in an instant she felt the pain that she had felt the night before, followed again by an ecstasy that eased her into the blackness of deep sleep.








     She woke with a start and couldn’t stop the scream of terror that ripped from her lungs.


A startled Malik sat up and only succeeded in scaring her more by resting his hand on her shoulder.


She screamed again and stood, turning to face him and put her hand to her neck but again she felt nothing.


“What are you doing to me?!”


He stood and started to walk toward her but she put her hand out and stepped back, trying to breath normally again.


“Just don’t come near me!”


He looked hurt.


“Anzu, I don’t understand. What did I do? Did I hurt you?”


She covered her face and sank to her knees with a sob.


“I don’t know what’s wrong with me!”


He knelt down in front of her and took one of her hands away from her face.


“Maybe if you tell me what these nightmares are about, they’ll stop.”


She looked up at him, the caution of a swan in her eyes.


In that moment that’s what she felt like.


A helpless, frightened bird, cornered by a large animal ready to strike.


“No, I’ve got to calm down. What’s the matter with me?”


He smoothed her hair behind her ear and looked into her eyes.


“Please tell me what’s wrong Anzu…I’ll try to make it better.”


She looked into his eyes.


“It’s ridiculous but I’m so scared, look at me I’m shaking. I dreamed twice now that you’ve bitten me.”


He looked shocked.


“Bitten you? Like a vampire? Anzu, I assure you these are just strange dreams you’re having. You fell asleep about three hours ago and I was falling asleep so I thought we’d just lay together on the couch. Maybe I should take you home.”


She shook her head as tears slid from her eyes.


“I don’t want to be alone.”


He pulled her closer and she held tightly to him as he picked her up and carried her into his room.


She looked up at him as he set her on the bed.


“Malik…did you…”


He shook his head.


“I’m a gentleman Anzu, you asked me not to kiss you like that again, I keep my word.”


She nodded, giving a sigh as she closed her stinging eyes.


He laid beside her and wrapped his arm around her waist.


As she fell asleep again, he whispered to her.


“I still think I love you Anzu.”







     When she woke again at noon he was sound asleep, still holding her closely.


Sunlight washed the room through rose tinted windows that cast everything in a light pink.


This seemed to settle her mind and she felt much better.


She mentally slapped herself for forgetting that he had dinner with her, a big steak at that.


She walked into the kitchen, deciding that she would make it up to him for being weird by cooking him breakfast.


The only things there were eggs, milk, jam, and peanut butter.


So she began.


She jumped and turned as she heard his voice behind her.


“Sleep well?”


She smiled and nodded.


“I’m really sorry.”


He smiled warmly and shook his head.


“It’s okay. I understand. Maybe a goth club wasn’t the best place to have a first date. But you have to admit, I’d make a pretty sexy vampire.”


She giggled and nodded, turning back to the stove and turning it on.


“I suppose so.”


She listened to his footsteps come closer until he wrapped his arms around her waist and gently kissing her ear, whispering softly.


“What if I was a vampire? What would you do?”


She took a shuddering breath.


“ I don’t know, I’ve never believed in vampires.”


He reached up and turned the stove off, pulled her back.


“If you could be a vampire, would you want to? One that lives like a normal human, but needs both food and blood…sunlight and moonlight…a master and slave? Would you want to be seduced?”


She froze.


Was he serious?


Fear crept through her and she pulled away from him.


“That’s not funny.”


He closed his eyes and took a step forward.


“What if it was me? Would you let me seduce you? Or would you run away? I’m asking if you want to stay with me. Come back to Egypt with me.”


She took another step back but tripped over the coffee table.


Before she knew what had happened he caught her, yet he never opened his eyes.


“You’re serious aren’t you? But you ate and were out in the sun…weren’t you?”


He nodded and when he opened his eyes they were glowing purple.


“I found that other than just blood, I could eat foods with high protein…steak, eggs, peanut butter. Because of that the sun is less damaging, dusk and dawn are the only times I can be in it directly. I have bitten you twice, now you have until midnight to decide. If you deny me you will never see me again. I just want you to know that I love you.”


She closed her eyes, afraid to look into his.


“And if I say yes?”


He smiled and brushed his finger across her cheek.


“I’ll be more gentle…I’ll take you away. I’ll love you forever. Please say yes Anzu. I’ve been so lonely without you.”


She looked into his eyes again.


“What did you do to me last night? Why don’t I have any wounds?”


He shook his head.


“They heal quickly. I did not kiss you however, after you asked me not to.”


He let go of her and started to walk away but she took his wrist.


“Make me say yes Malik.”


He shook his head.


“ I will not force you into this life Anzu. It has pleasure and pain. Sorrow and ecstasy beyond human understanding…but it must be your choice. You have to take the bad with the good and you have to do it of your own free will. I’m going to leave you alone now. I want you to think very hard about this and no matter your answer, find me on the roof tonight at midnight.”


She only watched him vanish before her eyes and sat on the couch, wondering what her answer would be.


Just outside the door, Malik clutched the gun, loaded with a single silver bullet. ‘If I can’t live for you my sweet Anzu…than I will not live at all.’ 







       The rest of the day went by quickly.


She sat alone at the table in the kitchen, staring at the moon through the window with a soft smile.


She’d made her decision…she was going to give in.


She looked up as the clock sounded twelve.


She slowly stood and walked out of the apartment.


She could feel him above her and instinctively found the staircase leading to the roof.


She stepped out into the moonlight and looked around.


He wasn’t there, had she imagined him?


But there was a circle of candles with a crystal goblet in the middle.


She knew the liquid inside to be his blood.


She stepped into the circle and looked around.


No more was she on the roof in a city that didn’t sleep, but in the middle of a desert.


No more was she wearing a short black skirt and matching tank, but now wore a sapphire satin formal gown.


She looked up as she saw a light flash in the sky.


Malik gracefully descended in front of her, never opening his eyes.


“You have made your choice…what is it to be?”


She reached up and gently touched his face, whispering softly.


“I choose…to come with you.”


He smiled and looked into her eyes.


“Than close your eyes and don’t be afraid.”


He wrapped his arms around her tightly and soon they were in the air, twirling amid stars and clouds.


He kissed her softly for a moment and stared into her face.


“Are you sure you want to do this?”


She nodded silently and he closed his eyes, leaning down close to her neck.


“I can’t kiss you this time, I’m sorry about how much this will hurt.”


She clung tighter to him, preparing for the pain but nothing could.


She felt his sharp eyeteeth penetrate deep into her neck and the silence of the desert was broken by her scream.


She felt him shudder and soon hot tears slipped onto her shoulder.


She lost all control of her body as he drained her.


She wavered on the verge of consciousness and could feel his silent sobs of regret.


A soft moan escaped her lip as she watched the world begin to fade.


She let go of him suddenly, almost passing out, and began to fall.




She could barely see him and he descended upon her, catching her just before she hit the ground and held onto her.


He lowered her to the ground and looked into her eyes.


“I need just a little more.”


She couldn’t speak and almost didn’t feel his teeth again enter her neck.


She fought the blackness that threatened to eat her mind and couldn’t focus on his face when he looked down at her.


He gently patted her cheek.


“Stay with me Anzu…just a little longer.” 


He lifted the goblet to her lips.


“Now, drink of my blood and forever be one with me.”


She closed her eyes and began to slowly swallow the rusty tasting liquid.


When the goblet had been drained he stood and picked her up, walking out of the candles and returning to the apartment.


He set her on the bed and sat next to her, leaning over her and whispering softly in her ear.


“I love you Anzu.”


Somewhere in the swirling abyss that she had fallen into, she smiled and whispered back.


“I love you too Malik.”


He gave a soft smile and kissed her.


Standing, he unhooked the gun from his belt where he had hidden it.


He took out the bullet and held it between his fingers, focusing on it and it suddenly exploded into dust.


‘I have you at last my love and I will show you an eternity of love.’    

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