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Loyal Slave

Monday, November 21, 2005

2:25AM - hi yall

well, i was wondering well. when is the next thing going to be?

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

6:01PM - HI

well, i just wanted to say good job to all the other contestants...and that they did a good job! :) Amelda your's was funny and slightly creepy... ^_^;; ya but, good job to all and i hope that i am allowed to do this but, ya i guess i just also wanted to say...well, HI!

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Friday, September 9, 2005


^^; I know, I'm way late! I'm having some PC problems that are getting very annoying. I have to do a complete clean sweep of my hard drive and that's taking forever. My search has stopped working and just about an hour ago my MS Word told me it had a problem and had to close. I _cannot_ live without MS Word. My carreer depends on it... so anyways, congrats, Yami_no_Malik you win! XD The mummy bit got me. Also, just to let you know *like you're not going to notice?* I edited just a bit, not a lot, just capitolized and fixed a couple of words. I'm a professional writer so I kinda need the practice. ^^ I'll gladly beta anything. *bows* I hope you don't mind! Ah so yes, now prize info. As I have no clue what to do for the prizes as of yet, I'll say it's a Name your prize *must be digital*. I can do icons, backgrounds, mandalas, fan art of most any character *anime or otherwise*, colorize manga, write a oneshot fanfic with a plot of your choice, post a list of music I have on my computer and email one song to you *I don't have an RSS so I can't upload anything*, customize a YGO card which you can print. I believe that's it, but ask and I'll see what I can do. Next contest will be posted on the 15th. ^^; This is partly due to the fact that I can't really think of a contest at the moment. If anyone would like to hold a contest, please do. We can have more than one going at once.

^^ onto the winning story!

Well, Malik was getting ready and Odion rushes in and says: "MALIK!!!" "What?!" Malik yells as he is putting on his tux. "What are you doing tonight?" Asked Odion. "Well, if you must know I have a date with Ann." "Who is Ann?" Said Isis. "Urg... my date" Said Malik with annoyance. "Grrr" "Hey I heard of an Ann...I heard that she is a tomb robber." Said Isis. "Ya right... just because we are waiting for the pharaoh does not mean I can't have a love life...shesh dad got married didn't he?" Asked Malik "Well, he um...got pre chosen a wife by his father. He said that it was because of his anger and scariness..." Answered Isis. "Well, I know that she is not a tomb robber. Gosh!" Exclaimed Malik. "What the heck happened to Odion?" Asked Isis. " I AM OVER HERE!" Shouted Odion in the bathroom. "Freak...." Said Isis and Malik together. "What was that?" Said Odion. "NOTHING!" Shouted Malik and Isis. A few minutes later Ann arrived at the door. "Wow is this your tomb?" Asked Ann. "Um ya...nothing special..." Said Malik .. "See ya later...bye" And Malik walked out the door. " I don't trust her lets spy on them." Said Isis. "NO!" Screamed Odion. "Why not?" Asked Isis. "Because Malik needs love." Answered Odion. "Well, I am whether you want me to or not." So Isis walked out of the door. At the restaurant. "Where are we?" Asked Ann. "Um.... well, we are at a bowling ally." "WHAT?" Screamed Ann. " I don't have very much money..." Said Malik "I have a good idea, how about we go to your tomb." Said Ann. "But, my brother and well, probably only my brother is there but, none the less my brother is there." Said Malik "Oh well, we can look around your tomb." "Wow, I have done that too many times and besides, I probably should not..." Said Malik. "PLEASE?" Said Ann with these chibotic eyes. "Fine..." Said Malik when they got there. "So I have a favor to ask you" Said Ann. "What" Said Malik as he was looking around the room. "Stand still." Said Ann. Malik thought that he was going to get his first kiss but, she tied him up in ropes. "What the heck?!" Screamed Malik "Well, I am a tomb robber and I need the tomb keeper to be gone."Said Ann. Isis runs into the scene and helps Malik. "Ok Ann this is your final tomb, prepare to be Mummified." Said Isis. "Aww man Isis don't say that..." Said Malik disturbed. So they killed Ann and as they were walking home Odion was being put on a stretcher. "What the heck what happened Odion?" Odion Screams "The cookies where are my burnt cookies?" The hospital guy Said. "Well, he burnt his hands grabbing the cookies..." "I am going to my room. Good luck Odion." Said Malik walking out. So Isis joined him at the hospital and told Odion the whole story. "Wow." Said Odion... "I hope that Annakildia goes well.." Said Odion "WHAT?!" Screamed Isis

the end.

^^ Sooooooo lemme know teh prizeness, ja!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

6:54PM - Because I Was Bored X3

Yes yes, I was bored and decided I wanted to write. So I drug part one from my Gaian Journal and decided to play around with it. X3 Since I didn't feel like spamming my own journal with it, I decided to share it with the comm!! <3 <3

Title: In the Shadows: Prologue to Path of Shadows
Pairing: Part One: Hathor/Atem Part Two: Hathor/Atem, Hathor/Merrick(Malik/Yami no Malik)
Warnings: Language (nothing extreme), brief nudity, blood, possible cannon-rape, lame title, Ancient Egypt setting (and possible killing of it by way of lame descriptions), hinted sexual goings on, and what ever else is wrong with it. X3
Rating: "R" at worst
Word Count: Dunno x.x

Part OneCollapse )

Part TwoCollapse )

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

7:39PM - yes!

i finished my story!
hope it makes you entertained!

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^^ yami_no_Malik's bgs can be found at the bottom of this page --> http://www.freewebs.com/darkness05/bioofanauthor.htm they are labled bg1, bg2, and bg3. At the moment this will look something like this neko_no_tsuki mostlikly you'll want white text on the dark back ground but other colors for text are here.


light blue (#cfeefa)

dark blue (#0d20d9)

light purple (#C978F9)

dark purple (#AE0EF9)

yellow (#F0F90C)

dark yellow (#B6B309)

light green (#99e0cb)

dark green (#096E0E)

The code.  *replace bold text ^_~ unless of course you want your friends to bow to the oricalcose too.


<style type="text/css">


body {

background-image: url(http://www.freewebs.com/darkness05/bg.JPG) !important;







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SIZE=1>(%%readlink%%<A HREF="%%urlpost%%">Bow to the Oricalcose </A>)</FONT></P>



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FRIENDS_TALK_READLINK=><A HREF="%%urlread%%">%%messagecount%%  Captured soul%%mc-plural-s%%</A> |



<P ALIGN="RIGHT" class="comments"><FONT FACE="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica"

SIZE=1>(%%readlink%%<A HREF="%%urlpost%%">1 Captured soul</A>)</FONT></P>



DAY_TALK_READLINK=><A HREF="%%urlread%%">%%messagecount%%  Captured soul %%mc-plural-s%%</A> |



<P ALIGN="right" CLASS="comments"><FONT FACE="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica"

SIZE=1>(%%readlink%%<A HREF="%%urlpost%%">Bow to the Oricalcose </A>)</FONT></P>




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Friday, August 19, 2005

7:50PM - well,

i did my story and ya... if you are intrested it is under my journal. if i need to post it let me know!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


^^ it's now open posting.

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Monday, August 15, 2005


Okays! we're on track now! go us!

Yami_no_Malik, you ,may request wall paper, give me a pic, or if you'd like i'll choose one from the episodes i have on my hard drive, and let me know and i'll make one for you.

Amelda_fan, you should be able to post now. for some reason it han't added you as a member yet. I've had problems like that before.


Okay's I make my first true offering, a Yami no Malik pic, *yes we have members!* a long with this months contest. entries must be emailed to Porcelainmaskedneko@yahoo.com by september 1st or posted in your own lj with a headding of *contest fic* and I will determine and post the winner here.

Contest type: writing.

word count 100+

theme: Malik has date. who is up to you. why doesn't Isis like the idea? will it work out?  

^^ the next contest will be up on the 15th, also winner names their prize. 


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2:56PM - i got an

NEW MEMBER! yay! so when can i request that wallpaper?

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1:34PM - hi

well, i have gotten one member so far... so that is an accomplishment let me know when i can request a wallpaper. :)

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

1:27PM - HI

well, i am a yami malik fan so i disitd to join i hope that i will like it here!

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Saturday, July 9, 2005


^^; Well looks like I have one member so I decided to make some changes. Currently the following story is not of FF.N but will be as soon as I finish it's last chapter. Under cut because VERRRY long.

Sweet: tender kisses in the dark. 
Allure: What may come with those kisses from a creature that lives in that darkness. Malik/Anzu 

Sweet AllureCollapse )

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