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Because I Was Bored X3

Yes yes, I was bored and decided I wanted to write. So I drug part one from my Gaian Journal and decided to play around with it. X3 Since I didn't feel like spamming my own journal with it, I decided to share it with the comm!! <3 <3

Title: In the Shadows: Prologue to Path of Shadows
Pairing: Part One: Hathor/Atem Part Two: Hathor/Atem, Hathor/Merrick(Malik/Yami no Malik)
Warnings: Language (nothing extreme), brief nudity, blood, possible cannon-rape, lame title, Ancient Egypt setting (and possible killing of it by way of lame descriptions), hinted sexual goings on, and what ever else is wrong with it. X3
Rating: "R" at worst
Word Count: Dunno x.x

Emerald eyes widened and scanned the room at the sudden presence that had appeared. Oddly enough it was one she had never felt before, which made her wonder if that meant the intruder was not a regular to the Pharaoh's castle. Turning her head, the owner of the emerald eyes drew the silk sheet closer to her nude body, never minding the blood dripping from her wrist.

"Who is there? Show yourself!"

Who ever had entered the chamber remained silent, as if watching from the shadows. Perhaps it was an assassin meant to kill the Pharaoh Atem? Staring into the darkness, she could hear everything around her. From feet shuffling just outside the door way to dripping of blood from her rapidly healing wound. Then, just as most noises began to fade she heard it, the sound of another heartbeat calm and collected.

"I know you are there, who ever you are. Now show yourself!"

The figure made no motion to move, but instead gave a solid chuckle, deep and almost baritone. Emerald narrowed slightly as she tilted her head, sending ebony strands to trail across her tan skin. Though, unlike the rest of Egypt, her skin was lighter.

"Why do you allow him to do that?" the voice asked, sending a soft chill down her bare back. How was it he knew what the Pharaoh did with her?

Swallowing, she turned her body to face the direction the stranger was in and opened her mouth to speak. But before she could, she heard his footsteps inching closer, one then another, before he stopped. So he was daring to near?

"Because he owns my body."

She felt ashamed to say it, by all rights that should be the one thing she owned. Too bad that wasn't the case, especially not since she had been hand chosen by Ra to be given to Atem.

"The Pharaoh owns the body of a Goddess?" he voice seemed mildly surprised, though more disgusted by the fact. Not at her, he hoped she wouldn't think it, but more so that Ra had allowed it. "If your body is owned by such a lowly creature, then surely your spirit is your own..."

At the shake of her head, he felt pity for the creature. Surely she wasn't here because she was forced to be. But knowing Ra, it was certainly possible. However, while he knew she was a goddess, he couldn't quite place which one she was. She had been given a "human" look to her, to make sure no one knew she was guarding the Pharaoh..

"Tell me, what is your name, Goddess? Surely you can tell a lowly Tomb-robber such as myself."

She smirked, a tomb-robber was he? No doubt he was here to rob the pharaoh blind, his partner moving around doing the same. She wasn't a fool, she knew well the rumors of who had it out for the Pharaoh.

"My name is Hathor, sister to the Goddess Sehkmet..." she trailed off, wondering if it was wise to continue... Not that there was much else to say on who she was. Mentioning her twin had brought her spirits down, not that they had been brought up much with the strangers appearance. "Tell me.. You wouldn't happen to be the Tomb-Robber Merrick, would you?"

He nodded as he stepped from the shadows, no need to remain hidden now. Though he was curious as to if she would turn him in. "I am... But how is it a creature such as your self would know of one even lower then the Pharaoh?"

"I have my ways, Tomb-robber... I have my ways."

Nahkti grumbled as Merrick once more slipped away. Sure it was night time and they didn\t really have anything planned, but Merrick's late night wonderings were beginning to piss him off. The blonde would just up and leave with no warning, saying he'd be back by dawn. Ra be damned if the tomb-robber wasn't going to get a piece of the Thief-King's mind when he returned.


Merrick moved quick against the sand, body covered by a cloak to make sure he wasn't seen. Though the night was nice, perhaps he'd remove it later. Making no noise as he moved across the sand, such as was expected of a low-life such as he, hard lilac eyes narrowed as he thought of his destination. It had only been a few days since his last visit and he couldn't bring himself to not go...

Soon enough the Pharaoh's palace loomed ahead, it's open pathways and curtained off rooms inviting the klepto in him to continue onward. However, that was not his intention tonight and so he pressed onwards to where it was his feet dragged him. With a certain purpose in mind, he couldn't bring himself to stray.


Low moans came from the room, mostly male. The shuffling of silk sheets could be heard, the sharp cry of a female echoing as the male cried out in ecstasy. Then the noises ceased, the room and hallway devoid of sound. The doors to the room opened and the Pharaoh Atem stepped out fully dressed and looking as if nothing had happened. Speaking something in hushed tones to the person in side, he shut the doors then headed down to his own chambers for the night.


Lilac pierced her form from the shadows, the gaze worried and uncharacteristically soft. Emerald turned to catch the gaze, another shudder running down her body. Minutes passed and silence reigned, the only thing keeping them from going deaf was the crackling of the torches that lined the chambers walls.

"You can't keep letting him do that..." came the growled out words that broke the silence and caused the girl to flinch.

"And what would you have me do? Tell him no? To do such a thing would be blasphemous. Not only against the Pharaoh, but the job that was ordered of me by Ra."

Lilac narrowed, Merrick's form stepping from the shadows of her room. "You take no chances. Surely one of your stature.."

"One of my stature?" her voice rose as she stood, the silk sheet falling from her bare form. "One of my stature.. That's all you refer to me as, and if it's not that it's Goddess. Why can't you, for once Tomb-Robber, atleast call me by my name."

"Because it would be blasphemy against my religion."

She laughed, her tone bitter. "Would you listen to that? The Tomb-Robber has a religion, who would have thought." She ignored his glower, though she was unable to ignore the tensing of his body. Apparently she had hit a sore spot. "How long were you watching anyway?"

"Long enough... His displays are rather disgusting." His wordings were short, his body tensing more. Goddess or no, she had gone too far with the religion crack.

Hathor smirked, arms over her chest and never-minding the fact she was still bare. "Aww, what's the matter," she sneered, feeding off of his annoyance. "Are you pissed because of what I said?" When he made no reply she laughed, emerald eyes wild. "Why don't you do something of it?"

He refused the urge to do something of it. What could he do? Especially since he was speaking with one of the deities that were herald in his religion. Swallowing a scathing oath, he watched her. The way her body moved as she breathed, the way her arms fell when he failed to retaliate like she wanted him to. He smirked slightly as she grew uncomfortable with his watching her, his eyes following her as she bent over to retrieve the fallen silk and covered herself back with it.

"Must you stare?" she ground out, moving to make her way back to the bed. However she was stopped as she ran into a solid form, her head tilting back to look up and find Merrick before her.

"It makes you uncomfortable," he chuckled, lilac eyes set in amusement. "Besides... I found it was the only thing I could do in retaliation to your statement." A large hand moved to her shoulder, causing the Goddess to flush, his thumb slowly messaging the skin in order to get her relaxed. He chuckled when she did.

"You are quite horrible, Tomb-Robber," came the half purred, half huffed reply. By all rights she still should have been angry with him, and he at her, but for the love of Ra he made it impossible to stay mad at him. At his chuckle she turned her head away. "Bastard."

"So I've been told." His hand moved from her shoulder to under her chin, softly turning her head back to him. he watched her refuse at first, but obviously she knew it was a futile effort. Once she was facing him again, he chuckled and muttered something along the lines of "good girl" before his lips crashed against hers.
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