maya_akenasferu (maya_akenasferu) wrote in rishid_ishtar,

Okays! we're on track now! go us!

Yami_no_Malik, you ,may request wall paper, give me a pic, or if you'd like i'll choose one from the episodes i have on my hard drive, and let me know and i'll make one for you.

Amelda_fan, you should be able to post now. for some reason it han't added you as a member yet. I've had problems like that before.


Okay's I make my first true offering, a Yami no Malik pic, *yes we have members!* a long with this months contest. entries must be emailed to by september 1st or posted in your own lj with a headding of *contest fic* and I will determine and post the winner here.

Contest type: writing.

word count 100+

theme: Malik has date. who is up to you. why doesn't Isis like the idea? will it work out?  

^^ the next contest will be up on the 15th, also winner names their prize. 


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